La Charla de Monica

Monica will add to this blog as she travels - dancing, teaching, performing and spending time with the many friends that Los Ocampo have made around the world.

Mediterranean Tango Cruise – October 2015

 Mediterranean Tango Cruise
October 3rd – 10th 2015
flier cruise los Ocampo_Front_baja_300

We are very excited to announce that, following the great success of last year’s event, we are planning another Mediterranean Tango Cruise.

This is again organised by Bailarin Tango Club- please see all details and booking on their website: Bailarin Tango Club


los ocampo return to london nov, 2014

we are here again, after a nice tour round europe .. amazing time in Cairo, in Mediterranean cruise, and in Greece with Hernan Romero…Pulso Argentino was a success in Athens..thank you brother..


Back to London

2008 09 28 004We have returned to London to relax. We hope to see a number of shows and exhibitions. We are creating a new choreography which is very powerful, it is a Zamba but sung acapella. So our friend’s kitchen is a rehearsal studio for us which s sometimes interesting if she is cooking and the two cats are helping with the choreography. We hope to visit our friends in Greece soon


We have the Pyramids to Ourselves

SONY DSCBecause of the civil unrest in Egypt we were alone at the pyramids so have unique pictures without a single tourist. Beautiful!!! Our friend have a small tango club and so we dance a lot and once at a milonga on a boat.


Off to Egypt

pyramidsMy English fried thinks we are mad but our friends in Ghiza have invited us and they say it is quiet and safe where they are. So after  a couple of glorious weeks in Jordan we are packing for Egypt.


In London preparing for Jordan

Petra-caveWe are now both in London – great dinner last night with Liz & Jonas. We leave tomorrow for a holiday in Jordan. There will be about 20 of us in the group and we will visit the desert and Petra, we will sleep in tents and are looking forward enjoying lovely Arabian food. We will definitely find a moment to dance under the stars in the desert.


Omar Arrives in London First

_MG_0006Omar has landed in London where I will meet him soon. Meantime my friend Liz has been spoiling him rotten by making all sorts of lovely dinners for him. The last one was seafood pasta – my favorite! I hope she does it again when I am in London. Although even more important is that she makes me Bread and Butter Pudding – a very traditional English desert that I am completely addicted to. She makes it with a very good sweet bread she buys at Paul’s, it has raisins in it and is called Cramique. She also makes fantastic cakes – the one in the picture was Omar’s favorite last time at Tango Tea. It’s very good so I can wait to see them all in London next week.


Monica in Niscemi

niscemi_piazza_NI am staying in Nisemi with my relatives, the weather is fabulous and this is a perfect opportunity to wind down. I have been going to the local Zumba class and then teaching some of the children folkloric. My cousin has been teaching me decoupage so I am busy finding all sorts of containers and jars to beautify. I stay till October when i will visit my friend in London before a holiday in Jordan.


In London Teaching tonight

Tango antiguoTonight we teach at The Tango Club in Covent Garden – starts 19:00. Our friend Liz, who run the club, is taking her sister out for her birthday so we are going to teach the class for her. I hope you will come, it will be fun.