Los Ocampo have been the choreographers, collaborators and dancers in many famous shows that have toured internationally to great acclaim. Amongst numerous shows worldwide these include the Juan Carlos Copes Tango Shows and the shows detailed below.


Pulso Argentino

Hernan & Mónica Los Ocampo also appear regularly with Grammy nominated musician (Mónica’s extrememly talented brother) Hernan Romero. The last Pulso show was in November 2014 – so be sure not to miss the next one.


Mariano Mores

Mariano-Mores-Show Mores is a composer of some the most famous tangos. His works include: Tanguera – well known for being in the film Moulin Rouge; Uno, Cuartito Azul; Tanquito Militar; Adios Pampa Mia; Grisel; En Esta Gris; Frente Al Mar and Sin Palabras.Mariano Mores tours the world with his tango show, playing the piano sublimely and directing his orchestra with passion.
Los Ocampo have performed in the show for over 25 years and Omar Ocampo choreographed several of the numbers.
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Tango Pasión

200px-P1050422 Created and directed by Mel Howard in 1992 with choreography by Hector Zaraspe; costumes by John Falabella; and, fantastic tango backdrops by the artist Ricardo Carapani, this show was a world-wide success, touring to great acclaim for more than 20 years. Originally with music performed by the renowned, Sexteto Mayor, led by Jose Libertella & Luis Stazo, the extraordinary company, Tango Pasión, comprised 25 artists, singers, dancers and musicians.For seventeen years Los Ocampo have been one of the seven select tango couples whose dancing has excited audiences around the world. The company has filled the most prestigious theatres in the world from Asia to Europe and the Americas to the Middle East including Le Theatre des Champs Elysées, Paris; The Palladium & Lyric Theatre London and The Kremlin Theatre, Moscow.
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Tango Bravo

200px-P1050422 Los Ocampo devised and produced this show fusing Argentine Tango and Folkloric dances. They have regularly toured internationally with this show which comprises seven dance couples, seven musicians and two singers and they have invited only the most experienced of dancers to appear with them.They appeared with the Orchestra Zunnini led by the late master Juan Carlos Zunnini.
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Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter Los Ocampo choreographed this fusion of Argentinean Tango and Latin dance to perform as a foursome with World Latin Dance Champions Jukka Haapalainen and Sirpa Suutari. The show, which was performed in Finland, illustrated that north or south and irrespective of distance, the language of the body in all its interpretative expression has no border or language.

Estela Raval & Los Ocampo

Mónica Romero with Estela Raval Los Ocampo also appeared in many shows with the famous Estela Raval, combining her legendary singing with their exciting Tango. See more about this darling of Argentina, Mónica’s late mother Estela Raval, on the website in her memory.
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Below Estela Raval and Omar dancing Zapateo and with Mónica dancing Chacarera