How To: Load Photos onto your machine

This tells you how to get your photos onto the machine to then be able to use in posts. Also high resolution photos may be added to the gallery or press pack. If you have high resolution photos that you want edited in some way or reduced to be suitable to add to a post load them as described and then contact Nefra to ask her to edit.

What to do

  1. Connect your camera or phone to the computer.
  2. You should be asked if you want to download photos (not every phone or camera will do this so you may need to find out more).
  3. On the computer go to the _IMPORT folder and create a new folder for the photos you will load. This should have a meaningful name – I mean something clear and simple.
  4. Load the photos into the new folder.
  5. It’s a good idea to look at the photos and rename them sensibly – the camera will have given them a sequence number which isn’t helpful.
  6. Now you can use these in your posts.

NOTE this refers to the little white computer, if you are using another you may need to add the _IMPORT folder.

NOTE: it would be good if you loaded all photos into a management system that would sync across all machines. So think about Google Photos, Dropbox or similar