How to: Blog

Moni, this page has notes about how to make the blog. Remember that it’s a good idea to add a picture for each post… you don’t have to but you will see that it makes the page look more interesting.

  1. Before you start making a post you need the pictures on the machine that you are using, so do this first – see the  ‘HowTo: Load Pictures onto the computer’ if you have forgotten.
  2. Adding a Post: Use ‘Add Post’ from the menu to create the post. This can be anything you want, just small items of interest that your friends around the world will enjoy reading. Maybe once a week is enough but can be what you want.
  3. Type the text, the buttons at the top allow you to format the text. I don’t like the colour of them, it’s really hard to see , I have asked the developer if I can change these, but so far no reply so we have grey on grey!!!
    note: you can stretch the message box using the grey triangle at the bottom
  4. Adding a Picture: position the cursor where you want the picture – usually before the first character. To add the pictures use the “Insert Photo” button. This will take you to your folders on the computer from where you can select a picture by highlighting it and using the “Choose” button.
  5. You can add any number of photos to a post but I recommend one usually. They will always be left justified i.e. on the left of your words.
  6. When you are satisfied with your post press the “Submit” button. It will save the Post and display a message:
  7. If you don’t want to publish the post yet – perhaps you don’t have time to complete it, you can save it and come back later by using “Save Draft“. When it saves there will be a message beside the “Save Draft” link:
  8. If you do save a draft it shows on the Posts Dashboard as “offline” (don’t know why it doesn’t say “Draft” but it doesn’t: