Our Publicity Pack

This page has the information you need when you want to create flyers or entries on your website for events involving Los Ocampo. This includes photos of varying shapes and sizes divided into genres; please use photo link to go to the Album Page, and, below are some words about Los Ocampo for your use if you are in need of inspiration and information.


Los Ocampo are world renowned Tango dancers, choreographers and teachers; they are masters of Argentine folkloric dance; and, they are frequent adjudicators at international competitions. The have devised and performed in numerous Tango shows worldwide and regularly travel between Argentina, the USA, Europe and the Middle East, providing classes and performances as well as leading Tango Tours to beautiful parts of the world.

Mónica and Omar are noted not only for their expertise and breadth of knowledge, but also for the warmth and humour that makes them so approachable and so well-loved by the students and organisers that invite them season after season.