Welcome to Los Ocampo Tango!

200px-P1050422 Performances add a special glamour to a corporate event, a birthday party, theatrical spectaculars, and of course tango milongas and balls. We can also make a package for tango organisers of classes and performances to include in festivals.

If you would like to invite us please complete this form which we will respond to soon.

3-Demo-Square-Close We choreograph all our own performances from show choreography such as when dancing with Tango Pasión, to demonstrations for performers, tangueros and folkloristas.We are also able to coach you or choreograph your performance, whether you are a professional or amateur dancer; for anything from film to private events. If you are getting married a tango makes the perfect first dance!

Contact us with your ideas and to get a quotation.

Los Ocampo teaching We are able to give group and private classes. Private classes are usually one hour. Group classes can range from one hour to a whole day or a series of classes. We usually categorise our classes as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and for Professionals.

We offer classes on all aspects and rhythms of tango and folkloric and can develop themes to suite your event, a few examples are: tango salon, tango nuevo, canyengue, tango vals, milonga, all types of Argentine folkloric dance

If you would like to include us in your programme or have questions then please complete a booking inquiry.

LosO in Istanbul For several years we have been both organising and participating in tango holidays. These vary from trips down the Nile; holidays to Jordan with visits to Petra, overnight stays in the desert; Mediterranean cruises; and, Villa-based therapy and relaxation. We love to combine tango and local culture.

If you are organising a holiday we would love to participate.We also arrange hosted holidays to Argentina not only to enjoy the whole tango scene but also to discover Argentinean culture, geography and history.

If you would like find out about our planned holidays or you want us to participate in your leisure events please contact us.

LosO in a Folkloric Dream We are excited to introduce you to authentic Argentine dances such as Zamba, Chacarera, Escondido, Bailecita and Zapateo. Omar, who is one of the most celebrated bailarin de folklore especially loves to teach and perform. We also teach boleodoras, bomba (Argentinean drum) and Malambo.

In addition to teaching folkloric dance and related activities, we also produce the fabulous Encuentro con los Maestros which is directed by Omar.

Please contact us to find out about our folkloric activities.

200px-P1050422 We offer adjudication in Tango and the folkloric dances of Argentina and are regular judges at international events including the annual International Tango Championships in Argentina.

If you would like us to adjudicate at your event please contact us.